Follow Me Around NJ Thesfest 2016...

Follow Me Around NJ ThesFest 2016…

Hi everyone! This month, I attended New Jersey’s State Thespian Festival for the second time and competed in make up design as well as the troupe scrapbook competition! I had a blast competing and watching my friends perform pieces that they had been practicing for weeks. It is incredible to see over 700 young artists from all over New Jersey display their talent and encourage one another to follow their dreams in the art world.

Through the three days, I collected tons of footage which I edited together in this 9 minute video:

This year, the theme for make up design was “cursed characters” so I chose to turn my lovely model, Jasmine, into the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz! On one side of Jasmine’s face, I drew cross-hatched lines to display that the Tin Man has human-like structures under his metal outside; although he doesn’t have a heart and is made of tin, he is still human. For the other side of Jasmine’s face, I used liquid latex to glue down silver leaf. The silver leaf was purposefully beginning to peel off her face so that it could reveal the structure underneath. Specifically, if this makeup design was used in a production, my idea was that the silver leaf would have eventually fully peeled away and disappeared from her skin as a physical way to show the Tin Man’s growth throughout the play!

Thespian Festival was definitely very tiring, but I absolutely loved it! See you in my next post!




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