A little post dedicated to my best friend...

A little post dedicated to my best friend…

A little post dedicated to my best friend… Today is my best friend’s birthday, so I’m going to tell you a little bit about us. Its actually a pretty simple story— Rachel and I met when we were just your average high school freshmen. I was that obnoxious, acne prone, blabber-mouth you probably avoided in the hallway. Rach was that poised yet socially awkward, brace-face you knew had her life together just by looking at her. If you couldn’t tell, we were pretty much polar opposites, but for some strange reason, she decided not to avoid me.


Rachel and my friendship took off as we led the lives of backstage costume slaves; we reorganized clothing racks, cleared the floor of plastic hangers, and attempted to run successful quick changes (which, let’s be real, never ran smoothly). Because I’m such a great friend, I even chose out Rachel’s prom dress for senior year: a sleeveless purple beaded dress with a slit that ran all the way to her hips. FYI, it’s still in my closet.  Anyway, as tech week rolled around, we memorized the dance to 9 to 5’s “Around Here” and dreamt of the day we would lead costumes for our school’s theater department.

I know, I know, so unexpected: we rejoined costume crew again sophomore year. That’s when we learned quite a large amount of theater lingo— pedal pushers, crinolines, and white stripe became staples in our vocabulary. In fact, we also learned about props as we paper-mached/ passed out in Satan’s Sweatshop AKA Hair World. Inevitably, our love for Ed Sheehan thrived, and as makeup amateurs, we decided to go to IMATS in NYC. There, we entered our rebellious phase- we cut long lines and, OMG, we took a picture with a beauty blogger’s boyfriend.

The next year, Rachel and I ran the world. Excuse me…Sorry, I meant to say costumes. Our long trips to Costume Scene became the norm and we were lucky enough to go costume shopping in NYC! Also, I decided that Rachel is a model and made her put on numerous costumes, and most famously, painted on her face during a makeup competition (and side note: I am still salty we didn’t win) (and another other side note: this was totally a run-on sentence). Update: We learned how to look less awkward in photos; therefore, many pictures are below to enhance the meaning of this sentence. And lastly, we attended an Ed Sheeran concert where I gave Rachel a very meaningful gift: my crappy singing voice in every single video she took. You’re welcome, Rach.

And right about now, our rocket ship landed in the smack-dab center of senior year. Time sure flew by. We pinked out, we rocked out, and we definitely cheered our hearts out. We had a blast on Halloween, we balled through our senior speeches, and we ranted about our everlasting love for Chuck Bass more times than I have used the word “and” in this story. We became business women, we thrift shopped until we dropped, and we broke quick change records.

Rachel deserves the best birthday because 1) she doesn’t get frustrated when I tell her the same story three times in a row. 2) she still loved me when I was two hours late to rehearsal and didn’t bring her any Starbucks. And 3) she is the most kind, independent, confident, and intelligent girl I have ever met. Take my word for it, Rachel is one of the most hardworking and inspiring individuals. I’m not confident I would have gotten through high school without her keeping me on track, and sadly, I probably would not have watched Gossip Girl without her advice.

Rach, thank you for everything. I love you so much and I hope you have the best Super Bowl birthday imaginable as you join me in this strange age considered to be the start of adulthood (but no joke, you will still feel 5). You are someone I aspire to be like and I thank you for having a major hand in molding me into the person I am today (LOL: If I were you, I would have ditched me a long time ago). I only hope I had the same impact on you the past four years and although we will be many miles apart next year, I can’t wait to celebrate another year of life and friendship.

Love, the Serena to your Blair (and vice versa)


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