Prom Dress

Let’s Talk About… Prom

Hi everyone! Hope you all have been staying safe and warm in this crazy blizzard- I sure have! For a few weeks now, I have been frustrated that my peers refuse to wear the same prom dress as someone else In my opinion, matching at prom should not be a big deal.

In life, not everything is going to go the way we want it to, so why should prom be any different? I believe that this craze is rooted from the fact that children are never told that they aren’t special or that they are incorrect. Believe it or not, one example includes pee-wee soccer: Scores were never kept at soccer games when I was in pre-school because “everyone is a winner”. Since it has been ingrained in children’s minds that they are always right, the same mentality has remained in these children all the way through adulthood. I further explain my opinion in the video below…

Hopefully, I was able to help you understand why matching at prom is not a problem at all!

Thanks for watching!




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