Last Homecoming Look

For homecoming, I knew I wanted to wear something colorful and so I chose to wear this awesome black paneled watercolor summer-scape dress. I accessorized with bangles, a leopard wrap bracelet, and my black watch (because, you know, I had to make use of my step counter while at a school dance). Then, I straightened and curled my hair to achieve the perfect beach waves and topped it off with some long hold hairspray to lock the curls in place. Luckily, my hair and makeup stayed in place all night as I danced/complained about the DJ’s poor music selection. Despite the music, Homecoming was a great time, and I cannot wait for prom!

New video coming soon!




3 thoughts on “Last Homecoming Look

  1. Ahh that is such a cute homecoming look!! I hope you had an amazing time!
    Btw, if you could help me out and check out my latest post about Esperanza (our homecoming!) that would be amazing!! I truly would appreciate it! Thank youuuu:)


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