The Importance of Imagination

Hope everyone has been having a relaxing summer! I have been busy working on my Girl Scout Gold Award which I would love to explain to all of you…

After conducting lots of research, I found that studies have shown that young children who are victims of homelessness are typically deprived of play that stimulates their imaginations. Imaginative play is very important because according to Doctor Scott Barry Kaufman of Psychology Today, it “allows the expression of both positive and negative feelings” which can reduce aggression and increase empathy. The National Center on Family Homelessness reported that “16% of homeless preschoolers have behavior problems including severe aggression and hostility”. Therefore, my project gave my target audience, the children of the family shelter, the opportunity to use their imaginations, an important part of childhood development, by providing a playhouse setting and costumes. One side of the playhouse is a castle, while the other is a forest. The princess and prince costumes that accompany the structure provide my favorite part of the experience: the fashion.

The realization of how often I use my imagination occurred to me while completing this project, and I want other children to be able to experience the same creativity that I do. Both fashion and design have become a major part of my life, and without my imagination and inventiveness, I do not think I would have the skills that I need to even write this blog. Believe it or not, writing and effectively communicating ideas requires an immense amount of creativity and it is amazing to think that my many years of playing pretend and dress-up could have helped develop my abilities to where they are today.

Therefore, I hope that the next time you get dressed and decide who you want to be for the day, you think about the children who do not have the ability to use their imaginations all the time. Donate your old toys, your old art supplies, and your old costumes: you now know how much they will benefit children in need.

Here is a compilation of pictures of my project; I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Write to you soon- xoxo,



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