Mother’s Day in the Big Apple

Sure, it has been almost a month since Mother’s Day, but that could never stop me from sharing another New York City adventure! My mom and I hopped into the car that Mother’s Day morning to meet up with the mothers and daughters on my dad’s side of the family. We first shopped around Eataly and did some cheese tasting, but of course, our food journey did not end there! My cousin, Nicole, knew of an interesting chicken finger place we could stop at for lunch called Sticky’s Finger Joint. There, we ordered a few different chicken fingers so we could all try a bit of each. My favorite one was definitely the salted caramel, because the sweet, salty flavor was a perfect combination. If you are ever near any of their locations, I 10000000% recommend that you stop in for a taste; you will be pleasantly surprised by the unique dishes they offer! Like always, we ended up at Big Gay Ice Cream where my mom and I split the “Bea Arthur”: vanilla ice cream, rich dulce de leche, and a layer of Nilla wafer crumbs. Thankfully, any food craving I could have possibly had was fulfilled that day.

When deciding what to wear, I had to make sure that I was prepared for the warm weather outside as well as the cool weather inside. Thus, I wore a black tank top with a heavy sweater from my grandmother layered over it. For my bottoms, I wore my grandmother’s high-waisted jean shorts and my mom’s belt to hold them up. My shoes are also my grandmother’s, but they are probably the most comfortable shoes I own. Last time I visited NYC, I got too many blisters to even count, but I definitely did not have that problem with these shoes! The scrunchie on my wrist and the sunglasses on my head added to the ’90s feel that already came across with the high waist, and I absolutely loved it! Like usual, I carried my necessitates in my nude purse from T.J. Maxx. Luckily, my outfit was functional and super comfortable which gave me the means to enjoy my day in Manhattan!

You probably notice something different about me in this post… My hair is straight! I usually do not use heat on my hair because it is just so thick, but I have to thank Caroline for spending quite a while the night before to get it like this!! Also, thanks so much to my cousin, Nicole, for snapping these great photos of my outfit!

Happy styling!




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