Prom Hair and Makeup

Before prom last Saturday, I created an elegant updo for Jasmine (left photo) and a natural makeup look for Sydney (right photo) . I had such a blast researching and completing their looks. Both girls looked stunning in their dresses, and I am so glad that I was able to work with them!


I started off the day by constructing Jasmine’s hairstyle at 12:00 p.m. First, I curled her hair in layers away from her face so that  the hair on both sides of her head would easily swoop backward. Then,I sectioned off the hair in front of her ears and the hair behind her ears so that I could slip on her headband. Once the headband was on, I made a braided bun out of a section of hair at the bottom of her head. Then, I twisted curls and pinned them on top of the bun to mask it. Afterwards, I took pieces from the sections in front of Jasmine’s ears and placed them over the headband, securing each piece by twisting it into a curl and pinning it in with a bobby pin.


Next, I went to do Sydney’s makeup at 3:00 p.m. Beforehand, she showed me a few pictures of Diana Argon with a very natural look, so I knew that I had to keep a very light hand when applying her make up . I applied a champagne color in the inner corners of Sydney’s eyes to brighten up her face, and then I blended it with a light peach color in the middle of her lid. To add some depth, I added brown to her outer corners and lined her eyes with black liquid liner. Once all of the eye shadow was on, I did her face makeup so that no fallout from her lids was noticeable. I used a light concealer underneath Sydney’s eyes, in the center of her forehead, underneath her eyebrows, down the bridge of her nose, and in the middle of her chin  because these are the points where the sun usually hits. Then, I used a darker concealer on to low points of her face to sculpt her features (her temples, cheekbones, sides of her nose, and under her chin). To set all of the makeup, I used a pressed powder over the light liquid concealer and a bronzer over the darker liquid concealer. To finalize the look, I applied a golden-pink blush to Sydney’s cheeks and then she blended her fake eyelashes in with mascara and applied a nude lipstick.

Next weekend, I am creating another hairstyle for my friend, Karaline, who is attending another prom! It never ends, but that’s totally okay by me!




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