Spring Layers

Getting ready for summer weather? Me too! But there are still some days that are a little chilly and require me to be a little more covered up.  On Friday, I wore this American Eagle flowy racer-back maxi dress with my dad’s old button down layered on top. The pocket on the button down is a great detail, and it also has a quote on it (don’t ask me what it means…I have no clue). The dress and shirt combo was perfect because if the temperature rose, I could easily just take off the shirt. To add a pop of color, I accessorized with a handmade wire bandanna which would stay in whatever shape I twisted it into. It also makes a great headscarf because of its AMAZING staying power. I also have been obsessed with layering delicate necklaces so I wore two: a cameo as well as heart necklace. My Areopostale sunglasses blocked out the sun, but additionally doubled as a headband to prevent the wind from sweeping my hair into my face. On my feet, I wore my nude wedges from D.S.W. to give me some extra height.

My color palette for this outfit was very light because although it was breezy outside, the sun was still shining and I didn’t want to attract too much heat. Moreover, I think that the lighter colors in this look definitely differentiate it from winter styles, where dark colors are found in almost every ensemble. Hopefully, warmer weather will be coming our way soon! Summer just can’t come soon enough!

Special thanks to Caroline (pictured on the right of me above) for taking these pictures. Next week, check here to read about everyone’s favorite topic… prom hair and makeup!




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