Easter Ensemble

To celebrate Easter this year, I went to New York City with my family. We enjoyed brunch at Essex Restaurant (and, I promise, I stayed kosher for Passover) and then walked through the lower east side. On our list of places to visit included The Pickle Guys, which was closed because it was Passover. Therefore, we strolled to Economy Candy where my cousins and I gushed over every sweet you could possibly imagine. Naturally, we left with dark chocolate covered espresso beans and macaroons to munch on as we made our way to Big Gay Ice Cream. There, I got the “salty pimp”: delicious vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip. It tasted heavenly! So as you can tell, my trip to NYC basically revolved around food (duhhhh), but of course I left time to take pictures of my outfit to share with all of you…

I wore a white button down blouse that had little navy blue polka dots and tucked it into my dark green layered lace shorts. Then, I threw on my white floral ascot over it for more of a preppy look, along with my pointed-toe reflective flats (which are probably the coolest, yet most painful shoes I own…but its worth it). My super cute sunglasses doubled as sun protection and a headband. Fancy, right? Like usual, I toted my camera around in my black and brown structured purse. Although I didn’t wear it in these pictures, I wore my navy leather jacket because it was a little chilly walking through the city that day.




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