Unconventional Blazer

HAPPY PAJAMA DAY!! I have always wanted to wear pajamas in a more dressy manner as I stated in my list of fashion dares. Today, I finally conquered that hurdle by styling my button-down puppy-printed pajama shirt as a blazer over a midi dress. My dress, made of cream colored lace, made the button down blazer pop. Juxtaposed, these two garments definitely made this look a bit comical, but that is what I love about it! I wore my new gray/camel peep toe booties to continue the accented neutral scheme and add more quirk to the outfit. On my nail’s I wore my O.P.I. navy blue color to complement the softer colors of my garments.

I can’t believe it is already spring, and this look is great for the months to come! While I was taking pictures, I found ice melting in the shape of a heart, while I hope is a symbol for warm weathers coming my way!

COMING NEXT TIME: Make Up Design of the Queen of Hearts




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