Overalls are my Second Skin

As Danielle Bernstein of weworewhat.com stated, “overalls are my second skin”. Do you ever have those mornings where you want to look put together, but do not have the energy to choose out a complete outfit? In that case, overalls are a lifesaver. Last year, I pilfered  my grandmother’s closet and discovered three pairs of overalls; one white/blue, one white/tan, and one white/black . They have become my go-to items because they are just so simple to pair with garments that I already have in my closet.

Here, I wore my white/tan overalls, for a more toned down look. I was inspired by the colors and interesting texture found on tree bark of these dreary winter days. Underneath the overalls, I wore gold and white detailed black top that I also found in my grandmother’s closet. This shirt is perfect for dressing up any outfit due to its metallic components. To define my figure, I layered on a tan skinny belt at the waist. I also wore three of my favorite bracelets, thick black socks to keep me warm, and my platform faux fur shoes from Urban Outfitters. This pattern mixing ensemble is perfectly balanced due to the consistent color scheme and subtle prints, and definitely makes my list of preferred outfits.

Hope you enjoyed this look! Write to you soon…






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