Fashion Dares for March

This week, I thought it would be really interesting if I created a list of dares for myself to try and complete throughout the month of March. There are so many trends that I want to experiment with, but I don’t always have guts to walk out of the house in them (surprising, right?). I think that if I publish my dares here, I will have more motivation to complete them. This list will consist of dares I have for myself as well as dares from my readers, so please comment any dares you have for me! Every time I do one of the dares, I will post a photo for proof on my instagram, @pilferingmymotherscloset. If you try any of these dares, or come up with your own, tag me because I would love to see.

  • Dress head to toe in one color.
  • Rock the Canadian Tux.
  • Wear a skirt as a dress or shirt.
  • Dress head to toe in chunky knits
  • Fashionably wear pajamas in public.
  • Wear visible mismatched socks.
  • Make and wear a shirt out of a scarf.
  • Style a skirt over jeans.
  • Neon everything.
  • Wear a tank top over a long sleeve shirt.
  • Wear a skirt over a jumpsuit.
  • Make a skirt out of a drop cloth, inspired by Donna Karan’s ad in March’s issue of Vogue.
  • Style a sweater or shirt under a dress.
  • Test out Leandra Medine’s “Arm Party”.
  • Fill in eyebrows with a bold color.
  • Rock black lipstick.
  • Pair denim with velvet.
  • Wear sneakers with a very dressy look.

Let the games begin…




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