Made a Shirt from Curtain Fabric


Hope everyone had a nice, long President’s Day weekend! I’m back with a new DIY project: Here I will teach you how to make a loose crop top out of old curtain fabric!

1. First, you will need fabric (could be an old curtain like mine), a sewing machine, thread to match your fabric, scissors, a pencil, a crop top you already own, and trim (optional).


2. Begin by folding your fabric so that 2 layers overlap and  laying a crop top you previously own over the fabric layers (so that the shirt top is where the fold is). Trace it onto the fabric and but it out with a little extra room on the side for a seam allowance.



3. Then, fold the cut out fabric inside out, and run the side panels under your sewing machine, without sewing the sleeves closed.

4. To make the edges much nicer, fold a half inch of the fabric in and sew it down on the neck, sleeves, and bottom (seam allowance).

5. Now that your crop top is constructed, we are going to add trim at the bottom to add interest to the garment. Keep your top inside out and stitch your trim to the inside of the shirt, so that the loops hang below the bottom of the shirt.

6. Voila! Style your crop top whatever way you please and make sure to hand wash it very gently. It makes a great statement piece for summer, but can also be worn during this cold winter with plenty of layers, similar to how I styled it below!



I wore my new crop top with a tribal printed miniskirt from Forever 21, a thick brown cardigan from Forever 21, and white thermal tights gifted to me by my grandmother. Due to the snowy weather, I wore thick black socks with my vintage pointed toe combat boots that were my mother’s in college.  Hope you enjoyed this DIY; feel free to comment any other ideas for future projects.




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