Valentine’s Day Looks

Valentine's Day Looks

 Happy almost Valentine’s Day! This morning, I created a series of looks to inspire you for the upcoming holiday!

1. Pretty Pout

My idea for this outfit spurred from my personal eccentric style. I fell in love with this red lip dress and I knew that I wanted to mix prints with it. Therefore, I added polka dotted tights. To continue the “parts of a face” theme, I added these nude pointed flats with an eye on each shoe. This style is very unique and great for a semi formal event!

2. Living in Leather

For this next outfit idea, I wanted to create something that would be easy to move around in for a girl on the go. The leather overalls are super simple so I layered a long sleeve red top underneath. To accessorize, I added a cuff bracelet and light pink blush. For comfort and preparedness for a long and busy day, I recommend wearing these neutral sneakers.

3. Loveable Lipstick

Isn’t this pullover adorable? The bold red lipsticks on the front called my name and I knew I had to include it in this set. I paired it with this geometrical skirt and black and white accessories to keep the focal point clear. The Valentino red and nude studded shoes are comfortable and stylish for a more dressed up feel.




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