Garden Galore


A garden is a special place where one can find all different plants and animals that live peacefully and cooperate with each other to form a sufficient environment. Similarly, outfits are collections of garments that complement each other to create a particular balanced effect. Garments work together just like the elements of a garden. In this look, I took this comparison a little too literally…

My absolute favorite article of clothing that I own is my 1990s floral jumpsuit. It is made of a woven navy fabric with small floral details. The top is more fitted, then the bottoms flare into culottes  to give more of a vintage 70’s appeal. To cinch in the waist, I added a braided leather belt. Over the jumpsuit, I also wore a gardening button-down that my grandmother gave me from the 90’s. It has seed pouch iron-ons all over it and vegetable shaped buttons! How awesome is that? Just by catching a glace at this garment, you can tell that lots of work was put into perfecting every detail. On my wrist, I wore a handful of my friend’s bracelets. For my shoes, I wore  a pair of red sneakers that found while pilfering my grandmother’s closet.

My finger nails are coated with my favorite O.P.I. nail polish, and for makeup, I continued with my earthy theme by wearing only a swipe of mascara.

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