My View of Fashion

 “Because fashion doesn’t have to be serious to be really, really good.”~Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller

This. Quote. Is. Perfect.

Throughout my life, I have always been known to push the boundaries of fashion. Actually, I don’t even push the boundaries, I completely ignore them. I clothe myself in any combination of garments that suits my mood or internal situation. Do I receive strange glances day to day? YES. Do I care? NOPE.

My closet consists of pieces such as a kimono given to me by my grandmother, bright blue fuzzy slippers from my neighbor that were not made to be worn outside the house (oops), and even a 1990s jumpsuit I took after cleaning out a costume collection. When someone opens my closet doors and attempts to define my style, their word choice usually includes “eclectic“, or “vintage“, or “just straight up weird“. And that’s okay with me.

From my perspective, fashion is an artistic outlet for individuals to express emotions, ideas, and beliefs. Therefore, there is no “rule” that states that every outfit must match, must be slimming, or must be accepted by today’s society. No one is required to dress in Ugg boots, yoga pants/leggings, and a hoodie everyday.

I try to encourage as many people as I can to adopt their own sense of style and stop conforming to the clothing standards of the people around them. When everyone dresses in the same brands and styles, looking around the room becomes boring. If everyone had their own distinct taste, everyday would become much more exciting because everywhere you go would be an art gallery.

All in all, the solution is to take fashion less seriously, as Medine stated. The fear of being judged clouds people’s minds and prevents creativity from being explored. My challenge to you is to find a garment that you wouldn’t usually purchase and try to incorporate it into your wardrobe. You do not have to start out by mixing five prints and wearing your grandparents’ clothes; take it one step at a time by wearing a unique pattern or accessory. Have fun styling!




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