Walking on Windowsills


Over break, I rummaged through my grandmother’s closet so now I’ve been utilizing one of her articles of clothing everyday. In this outfit, the bold, floral calf-length skirt was my grandmother’s. I loved how heavy it was because it kept me warm all day in this below freezing weather, but it also made a big statement. To contrast the split-complementary color scheme, I wore a solid black long sleeve shirt and accessorized with three necklaces and my Alex and Ani dragonfly bracelet. My first necklace was a simple glass pouch filled with small gold flecks given to me by my great grandfather. The second necklace was a cameo locket, also from my grandmother who gave me my skirt. For my longest necklace, I attached two similar necklaces so that it was long enough to reach past the other two. On my feet, I wore frilly socks and my favorite lace-up boots.

This ensemble was all about simplicity and comfort, and I loved having that eclectic feel. Every garment that I wore had its own unique past, and I adored tying all of them together to make one cohesive look.



Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Khol’s

Calf Length Skirt: My Grandmother’s Closet

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Heels: DSW

Bracelet: Alex & Ani

Gold Fleck Necklace: Gift from my Great Grandfather

Cameo Locket: My Grandmother’s Closet

Long Necklace: Two Necklaces Connected Together




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