British Take Over


After  my grandparents vacationed in the United Kingdom a few years ago, I have been searching for the perfect outfit to go with my souvenir, a British flag shirt. I knew I wanted to spice up the shirt so a couple of weeks after  I got it, I cut it into a crop top. Ever since,  I was in need of a way to wear it without my look being too revealing. Now, I found the perfect go-to styling technique! When wearing a crop top, tone down the revealing factor by wearing a high-waisted skirt, and if that isn’t enough, layer on a jacket.

To really make this style pop, I wore heart printed tights, frilly lace socks, and lace up booties. These add-ons made my girly side shine, but also kept a level of comfort. On my wrist, I wore my favorite evil eye bracelet from Greece and my dragonfly Alex & Ani bangle. But I couldn’t let all of these girly accessories slide…so I added my navy moto jacket! This Forever 21 staple, provides warmth and a more rough element.




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