Fancy Pants

Caroline and Carmen coincidentally wore black and white printed pants with edgy leather jackets!


Carmen wore black and white abstract printed pants, with a black floral crop top. On her feet are super comfortable black flats to make walking throughout the day easy. Her yin-yang earrings, stacked bracelets, and a simple necklace add quirk and personality to the look. Minimal eye make up was worn to prevent distractions from the bold outfit pairings. Due to recent low temperatures, Carmen’s leather jacket came in handy for both style and practicality. How perfect is that?


Seen above, Caroline dressed in daisy printed joggers and a sheer black blouse. Her outfit remained relaxed with the addition of sentimental arm candy and black  tennis shoes. To dress up the look, Caroline applied black winged liner and layered with a black leather jacket. This chic ensemble is perfect for a cool fall day and can be worn for many casual occasions.

Overall, Carmen and Caroline’s unintentional matching outfits combine girly and edgy elements to provide distinct getups.




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