Glowing in Plum

Pattern Cut Outs

Many of you many not know, but I was the costume designer for this year’s fall drama at my high school. The show was You Cant Take It With You by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, a comedy centered around a night at dinner with a crazy family. I knew that I wanted to construct a garment on my own for at least one of the characters, and I chose to do so for Mrs. Kirby, the upper class wife of a successful businessman. I knew that making a gown would not be the easiest process to go through, but I was up for the challenge.

I started by taking the measurements of Kennedy, the lovely actress who played Mrs. Kirby, and buying a dress pattern along with all of the required materials (thread, fabric and lining fabric, a zipper, etc). Consequentially, I cut out all of the parts of the dress in the  fabric as well as the lining and followed the pattern directions.

I decided that I wanted to make different sleeves than the ones that came with the pattern so I had to draw out my own. Thus, I cut them out  and began sewing the garment together.

Sleeve Fabric

Starting with the outer fabric, I attached all of the front parts and sleeves with the pieces of the back on either side. Afterward, I sewed the lining to the inside.

Outside of Dress with Unattached Back Panels
Back of Dress with Unconnected Zipper

Once all of the parts of the dress were sewn together except the zipper, one side of the sleeves, and the back panels, I had Kennedy try on the garment.


Additionally, I attached the zipper and sleeves.

Once the garment was fully assembled and fit Kennedy perfectly, I cleaned it up by finishing the edges of the sleeves and train. To accessorize, I had Kennedy wear a statement necklace,a fur wrap, black gloves, and heavy makeup to complete the Mrs. Kirby look. She looked absolutely stunning on stage and I cannot wait to design more pieces next fall.

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Gorgeous Stage Photos Courtesy of Suzette Lucas

Check out Kennedy’s awesome blog at


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